New York State Museum - May, 2001

The end of the travels of the batteau "Discovery" came on May 7, 2001, when it was again picked up by a crane, this time to be lifted to the terrace level of the State Museum. This move was in preparation for entry into a new exhibit area - Windows on New York - where it would be the centerpiece for a display focused on the history of the Mohawk Valley and on programs developed by the State Museum that are driven by professional research.

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Preparing to lift boat The batteau is strapped up and ready to be hoisted for the last time.
On its way to the roof. The boat is lifted clear of the building on its way to the terrace.
On the terrace Once set down on the terrace, the batteau was rolled through the entry into the exhibit space for installation in the new exhibit opening in November.
On exhibit -2001 At its final mooring, the batteau "Discovery" is now part of the new Windows on New York exhibit on the Museum's Terrace Gallery.

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