The Waterford Canalfest - May 8th, 1993

Having established itself as a major waterways project during 1992, the batteau "Discovery" was invited by the Hudson-Mohawk Urban Cultural Park and the State Canal Corporation/Thruway Authority to join with the historic tug "Urger" at the Waterford Canalfest - celebrating the opening of the 1993 canal season in New York State.

At that time, the Thruway Authority's tug and the State Museum's batteau were the only vessels actively engaged in on-the-canal educational programming statewide.

The crew of the 3-handed batteau that weekend included Phil Lord, John Anson and Joe Meany.

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Batteau at canal wall in Waterford For this event, the batteau was stationed at a canal wall on the lower level of the Waterford locks, and had to pass down the lock to reach its mooring.
Waterford Canalfest Moored on the same level as the Hudson River just to the east, and at the point where the canal carrying Mohawk River water enters the Hudson, "Discovery" was at its most easterly position of the entire program during this event.
Demonstrating the batteau in the canal Later in the Canalfest event, "Discovery"demonstrated its ability to turn in place within the upper level just above the lock chamber..


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