The Oswego River (Phoenix) - June 10th, 1994

Early on the morning of June 10th, "Discovery" left the dock at Battle Island and proceeded up the river to Phoenix, a canalside village where a festival had been scheduled - Phoenix Canal Days.

With the cooperation of Barabara Dix, Oswego County Historian, "Discovery" was slated to tie up at the festival for part of the day. On the way the batteau paused at the tiny hamlet of Three Rivers, where the Oneida River joins the Seneca River to become the Oswego River.

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At Three Rivers junction "Discovery" under tow enters the junction at Three Rivers - once predicted to be one of the great cities of North America. It consists today of a dozen cabins, some oil tanks and a motel.

Two hundred years ago, there was but one vermin infested tavern at this junction - a favorite stopping place for batteaumen. It was believed the place - being so central to the boat traffic of the time - would one day grow to be a great city.

Cruising along the Oswego River Moving up the Oswego River in the morning on calm water set the mood for another day of perfect weather on the inland waterways.
The canal festival at Phoenix Arriving at Phoenix, "Discovery" had to pass under a pair of historic lift bridges, with barely enough clearance to leave the mast up.
Greeting the public at Phoenix Thanks to community efforts, a lively group of students and their parents and teachers were waiting for us when we arrived.
The boatman's shelter Phil Lord had gone ahead by van, to set up his boatman's shelter and talk to the crowd about life on the river in the 1790s.
Public curiosity in the boat There was no end to the interest in "Discovery", and George Haswell answers questions about what it was like to navigate before the canals.
The canalside program Thanks to the interest of the public, and the hospitality of the community, we stayed a bit longer than we had planned. As we left for Onondaga Lake, we all felt the Oswego navigation was a superb programming experience.


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