Landing at Rome - May 16th, 1993

For this stop on the journey, we are moored at a dock on the Barge Canal, which here departs the channel of the Mohawk River, but are as close as it is possible to get to the original 18th century batteau landing place.

But the most interesting part of our visit to Rome is not the landing, but the portage to come the next day - a unique event not seen here for nearly 200 years.

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Arriving at the Rome landing After a very cold passage, against the wind and requiring a power boat tow from some local volunteers, the batteau pulls in sight of the landing at Rome.
Securing the boat Lots of helping hands bring the boat alongside the dock. The weather has taken a turn and everyone is chilled through.
Meeting the public Any time the crew and the public meet, the educational mission of the "Discovery" project immediately comes to the front. The enthusiasm of our guests always overcomes cold fingers and aching muscles.
Selling stock Bob Mulligan, ever watchful for a business opportunity, changes his clothes and sets up his desk - offering W.I.L.N.C. stock for any and all interested in investing.
Education comes first Every one of the crew, and each of the living history interpreter volunteers, understands that we are educators first, and boatmen second.
The batteau resting at the mooring Seeing the boat resting at her mooring has endless appeal for the public, and the crew alike.
Set for the evening With the batteau secured for the night, the crew visits the settlement for some warm food. This night there was no iron pot of beans and ham over a smokey fire.


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