Sylvan Beach (The Batteau) - September 17th-19th, 1993

Due to the configuration of the program site, with the encampment situated out on the point and somewhat separated from the mooring point, and with the mooring being against a high concrete wall inside the Barge Canal, the focal point tended not to be the batteau itself.

But we tried to have public contact at the boat as much as we could, and took it out on the canal as often as we could, to emphasize that the reason we were there was inland navigation in the 1790s and the Bicentennial of the Western Inland Lock Navigation Company (1792-1820).

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Striking up a tune Volunteer Olof Jansson strikes up a tune to pass the time in the batteau, waiting for school groups to come alongside.
Motorship Peckinpaugh passing by Being at the terminus of the canal on Oneida Lake, "Discovery" shared the channel with pleasure boaters and a few historic vessels such as the Motorship Pekinpaugh - the first commercial vessel designed for the Barge Canal and the last still operating.
Demonstrating the batteau We always tried to take the boat out several times a day so the public could see the "Discovery" in operation.


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