Waterford Canal Park Program - October 1st, 1993

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The Thruway Authority's canal tug Urger was restored and put into active service in 1992, to carry an educational program along the New York State Canal System statewide.

The same year the planks were first being laid onto the replica batteau "Discovery", the historic New York State canal tug Urger was being refurbished to go along the state canal system during the navigation season each year with educational programming for schools and the genaral public.

In the summer of 1993, the State of New York had only two such prorgams in operation on the canal - Urger and "Discovery". So when a festival was planned for the canal park in Waterford, "Discovery" was invited to tie up alongside Urger for the weekend, which the crew took as a distinct honor.

The batteau had just completed a laborious ten-day voyage back from Oneida Lake, and was now tied up at the canal shops in Waterford. So it was a short trip from that mooring to the program site in the canal park.

Bringing the boat into the lock On a crisp fall morning, "Discovery" is brought around into the canal to descend to the mooring at the Waterford Canal Park.
Passing down the canal The passage below the Waterford lock was peaceful and calm, if a bit chilly, and we remarked on our good fortune never to have been rained out during two seasons of field programming.
Canal program at Waterford We tied up alongside the canal wall next to the tug Urger, and prepared to welcome students and curious local residents.
Moored alongside the URGER For the crew, being linked to the tug Urger programming was a high point for our project, and it was at this point we decided to try and combine the programs again next fall.
Waterford canal park mooring The day was an opportunity to combine a replica historic boat, a refurbished working boat, and modern canal users' vessels at the same landing and to educate on the history of the canal system and its origins over the past 200 years,


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