The 1992 " Linked Schools" Program

Schenectady/Canajoharie: October 1st - 6th

The Museum's replica batteau
This is the full-scale replica 1790s Mohawk River batteau, built in 1992 and used to support the "linked schools" project between Schenectady and Canajoharie. Boats like this were the mainstay of inland river shipping during the late 18th century.
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This was a hands-on program in history and geography that combined curriculum, special projects, and field trips in a study of the commerce and transportation that linked Schenectady and Canajoharie together in the 1790s. It involved students in both schools in a focused, school-based project that culminated in field experiences during the period of October 1st through the 6th.

Students, teachers, and community volunteers explored how the merchants of Schenectady and the settlers of Canajoharie used the Mohawk River to exchange goods and produce, the commercial and geographic connections between the harbor at Schenectady and the warehouse at Kane's Store in Canajoharie, and the cargoes carried by batteau between these two communities 200 years ago.

Each school researched, gathered, and prepared for shipment items representative of the cargo shipped from each community to the other in the 1790s, using a teacher's guide prepared by research staff at the State Museum. Each shipment was brought by the students to their respective historic waterfronts. The State Museum's replica Mohawk River batteau "DISCOVERY" loaded and transported these cargoes between the communities during its navigation of the Mohawk/Barge Canal in October. After accepting delivery at the waterfront in their community, each school studied and displayed the cargo it received.

New marker for local site
One of the new site markers erected as a result of the 1992 program at Canajoharie
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As part of the programs centered on each historic waterfront, local community awareness of the story connected to these waterfronts was heightened. This inspired several local heritage projects, including the installation of two new historic markers for the sites at Kane's Store and Keater's Rift, supported by proceeds from the sale of the hard copy version of this publication. A marker already existed at Spraker's Tavern.


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