The Anonymous 1757 British Map

This map, the original of which is in the British Museum, provides the most detailed and descriptive look at the passage betwen the Upper Hudson and the Great Lakes in the mid-18th century.

The detailed views included below focus on the extreme western section of the Mohawk River navigation, including the site of "the Neck", and all of the Wood Creek navigation to the west, including the neck on that stream as well.

A section of the 1757 map at the extreme western end of the Mohawk navigation, showing the portage to Wood Creek.
A detail of the map above, showing the cut off neck on the Mohawk Rver, dug in 1730.
A more westerly section of the 1757 map, showing the portage from the Mohawk and the neck on Wood Creek.
A detail of the area along Wood Creek on the 1757 map.