Appendix: Aerial Photographs

1948 air photo of the study area

The above early aerial photograph, one of a set of stereo pairs dating from the 1930s and 40s, reveals the details of conditions in the study area after the completion of the Barge Canal, but before the construction of the NYS Thruway in the early 1950s.

The old channel of the Mohawk River can be followed across this landscape. The river channelization necessitated by the construction of the Barge Canal, which cut through the original Mohawk alignment to the north (right of center), can clearly be seen.

One prominent and elongated meander still carries the river just left of center. It is through the left side of this meander that the Thruway would later be built, necessitating yet another river relocation channel here in 1953. To either side of this loop can be seen two older meanders, now cut off and inactive. The easterly one (right) has been cut through by the canal-related river channelization project of 1918.