Ways to Volunteer

There are two sides of the Canal Society. There is the state-wide organization that strives to fulfill the mission of the Society by researching, planning and hosting trips and events, being an advocate for preservation; in short being a fan of canals. Then there is the Port Byron Old Erie Canal Heritage Park, where our staff greets and informs visitors about the canals of New York. Both sides of the Society always need your help.

The Canal Society

Being a volunteer is  great way to continue to learn about the history and current operations of the canals. If you enjoy the idea of educating the public, then helping to plan and host a trip or conference might be for you. If you enjoy individual study, then perhaps writing articles for our blog or for the Bottoming Out is for you. There are many ways to help the Society grow and continue to be the premier canal organization it has been since 1956.

The Port Byron Old Erie Canal Heritage Park

The Old Erie Canal Heritage Park is open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. In 2018, over 16,000 people stopped in to visit, and our volunteers helped to greet these folks and help them gain an understand of what the Erie Canal and the Park was all about. It is a truly unique experience as travelers stop by and say; "I have always heard about the Erie Canal and I saw your sign, so I stopped in. What can you tell me about the canal?"

If you have a couple free hours (or more) a week or month and would like to volunteer, you are always welcome. Some of our volunteers work 10 or more hours a week, while others help out for a couple hours a month. It is up to you, as you can pick the role you wish to fill. Volunteers are needed to;

  • Greet visitors in the Visitor's Center and Erie House
  • Walk the ground as a roving ranger
  • Garden the grounds
  • Make simple repairs to the Erie House, Mule Barn, and Blacksmith Shop
  • Inventory and catalog collections

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering, contact us at canalsocietyofnys@gmail.com.